Friday, June 28, 2013

A Timely Bit of Doggerel

Jeremy Bentham, an English philosopher, had an idea for a prison where guards from one vantage point could see all their prisoners all the time.

He called it a "Pantopticon".

I dedicate this little piece of doggerel to the tireless folk at our beloved N.S.A, who are on a mission to turn our country into Bentham's prison, all the better to know which senators, Supreme Court Justices, and TV talking heads they can blackmail.

Here is to you N.S.A.! And a merry Fourth of July to you! May the Farce be with you-

Pantopticon- A Bit of Doggerel by ME.

To those who live in foggy fear

Of the Ever Eye, and the Government Ear

Consider this about the powers that be

The more they have to watch

the less they will see.

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