Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Gardening with Puppies

Here is the patriarch of the Heathen Sheltie Hordes that tried to make off with my Cape Cod weeder again today.

And here is their mother Ginger, who does not realize she gave birth to juvenile delinquents-

And where are the photos of these puppies?
These puppies move too fast to be photographed. They move so fast that they stole my weeder off a container before I could blink. I looked for it, then saw it dangling from the puppy Peanut's mouth as she trotted off into the front yard with it. After much yelling and chasing and running around in the front yard, she dropped it, and I saved it. Then she and Cato and Bismarck and Sascha were off to destroy an empty quart flower pot.

I did not mention one of their favorite games is "Who Has The Dead Mummified Toad". This is a crowd favorite, even for the senior dogs, and it involves stealing, tossing, fighting, and playing hide and seek under a juniper shrub.

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