Friday, June 14, 2013

"Neat. Sweet. Petite."

A small weeping Eastern Redbud in bloom is a pretty sight in the spring garden. Its magenta-pink flowers line its weeping boughs that trail to the ground.

And then the flowers fade, and the leaves come forth, and this little tree assumes its summer form. It has a prominent place in the mixed border of perennials and annuals.


So here it sits, a green lump that begs the question "What were the plant breeders thinking?

As for me, I plant around it and try to ignore it.

And when I cannot ignore it, and have to talk about it, "It" is the word.

As in"Cousin It".

For "It' is indeed" creepy and kooky, mysterious and ooky, altogether spooky".

An Addams Family Tree!

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Kay G. said...

I have never seen a weeping redbud tree before. I love redbud trees!
That is a photo of one with the bright pink blooms in my photo from Stone Mountain which I use beside my name, can you see it?