Tuesday, June 18, 2013

An Ugly Incident

Last night two of my neighbors-an attractive couple in their mid-twenties, drove away from these apartments , having spent the last two days loading up a U-Haul.

Good riddance to them I say.

For what were they doing just before they drove off?

Throwing twigs and little pieces of gravel at the barn swallow nest and nestlings just under the eaves of the parking shed.

They stopped when I went put onto the porch and yelled "Hey" at them. They stared at me ,and I stood out there staring them down until they left.

What kind of people are these? Did their parents teach them nothing? What good is it to be handsome and young if you are devoid of values and of any inner life that might make you decent?

I recall the scene in C.S Lewis's "Perelandra", where a new Satan on a new planet walks along tearing apart any small animals he finds just because that is who he is.

Evil does not have to be large. It can be small and banal. It is always with us.

What a stain on the Universe.

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Kay G. said...

Most people are so far removed from the natural world they might as well be living on another planet.
It's important to teach our children about birds and how much we need them in our world. About all of of nature really, but birds especially are little thought of and if you attempt to enlighten someone, you are labeled a tree-hugging nature freak.